Keyboard : It is a text base input device that allows the user to input alphabets, numbers and other

characters. It consists of a set of keys mounted on a board.

Alphanumeric keys: It consists of keys for English alphabets, 0 to 9 numbers, and special characters like +/ * ( ) etc.

Function Keys:There are twelve function keys labeled F1, F2, F3… F12. The functions assigned to these keys differ from one software package to another. These keys are also user programmable keys.

Special-function Keys :These keys have special functions assigned to them and can be used only for those specific purposes. Functions of some of the important keys are defined below. 

Enter :It is similar to the ‘return’ key of the typewriter and is used to execute a command or program. Spacebar: It is used to enter a space at the current cursor location.

Backspace: This key is used to move the cursor one position to the left and also delete the character in that position. Delete :It is used to delete the character at the cursor position.

Insert :Insert key is used to toggle between insert and overwrite mode during data entry.

Shift:This key is used to type capital letters when pressed along with an alphabet key. Also used to type the special characters located on the upper-side of a key that has two characters defined on the same key.

Caps Lock:Cap Lock is used to toggle between the capital lock features. When ‘on’, it locks the alphanumeric keypad for capital letters input only

Control keys: Control key is used in conjunction with other keys to provide additional functionality on the keyboard.

Alt: Also like the control key, Alt key is always used in combination with other keys to perform specific tasks.

Esc: This key is usually used to negate a command. Also used to cancel or abort executing programs.

Numeric Keypad: Numeric keypad is located on the right side of the keyboard and consists of keys having numbers (0 to 9) and mathematical operators (+ * /) defined on them. This keypad is provided to support quick entry for numeric data.

Cursor Movement Keys :These are arrow keys and are used to move the cursor in the direction indicated by the arrow (up, down, left, right).

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